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Vinos & Bodegas is completely dedicated to the internationalization. From our foundation, we market our wines in 60 countries worldwide. We customize our wines for each of our clients, offering the best competitive advantages and guaranteeing the highest quality.

The growth undergone from its foundation is mostly due to the professional team in Vinos & Bodegas. They are experts, committed with the company goals, working in order to provide the best personal counseling to our clients.

Behind Vinos & Bodegas’ wines, a qualified young international team is working, with wide experience and training, using team work as basis. It is also exciting for them to share their work with increasingly professional consumers, who know about wine and demand quality, excellence, and new sensations; in other words, who look for unique wines.  

Leading the technical team we can find our winemaker, Raquel Bueno, who owns a wide training, a long well-known experience and a huge passion for good wines.

This is why we are really proud of our wines and we think our winery is committed with our work and passionate about our creations.

About Us

25 Years

Developing business all around the world