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From 1997

Leaders in Exportation

In 1997, we, Roman and Santiago Cantarero, started to develop our own project and nowadays it is a reality. Taking up the challenge from the previous generation, we started a new stage looking at the future but keeping the same tradition and quality. This is how Vinos & Bodegas was born.

For more than a century, a whole family dedicated to professionalize the wine business made possible Vinos & Bodegas’ foundation, whose aim was to show La Mancha wines all around the world and prove their quality and competitive prices for each market.

From the beginning, this winery was designed to be focused in foreign markets in order to export our wines worldwide. Thanks to our know-how about the different market characteristics, we can offer to our clients exactly what they need, a customized product according to their needs and likes. This is why we own more than 70 brands, with different styles and presentation, in order to satisfy the different preferences of our clients from China, Japan, Taiwan, Russia, Poland, Latvia, Germany, Holland, Jamaica, Mexico, etc.

Our facilities, merging tradition and technology, are surrounded by extensive vineyards, placing us in the heart of the raw material production and guaranteeing sourcing. We keep on working every day in order to improve our products and to offer the best quality to our clients.

Our wines try to show the essence of La Mancha wines. This is the reason why the main grapes we use are Tempranillo and Airén, native varieties in this area, blended with other international varieties as Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot. This kind of grapes make a perfect pairing with the Spanish food, as stews, game and cold meats, but also salads, pasta and fish.

Located in Socuéllamos, in the heart of La Mancha, with an approximate extension of 60,000 sqm, we have a warehousing capacity of 20 million liters and our facilities occupy around 12,000 sqm.

Nowadays, both the present technological development and the important investment in researching, make Vinos & Bodegas one of the leader companies in the wine business and we are proud of our portfolio: entry-level wines, varietal wines, Tierra de Castilla wines, sparkling wines and D.O. Mancha wines, among others.