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We have created a unique cocktail with an extraordinary visual effect, which transforms each toast into an authentic celebration.

An exotic, sophisticated and elegant sparkling drink. It is a different product, visually striking, with a very suggestive texture you cannot stop looking at.

These are shiny sparkling Airen wine-based cocktails, very refreshing and well-balanced in taste. They shine like fire after shaking the bottle.

We offer a range of 3 labels: Gold, Silver and Bronze. All three varieties have the fascinating surprise of simulating flares that explode from inside. Lava of a volcano!

It is a low-alcohol drink (5.5% vol.) designed to enjoy. Its exclusive design and effect by moving the bottle project a unique touch of glamour and distinction.

Bright straw-yellow colored, accompanied by a metallic gold, silver or bronze effect of shades with small soft bubbles that slowly come off. They posses delicate aromas reminding white flowers, with a spectacularly fruity, refreshing and citrus aftertaste. Moreover, the low tannin level ensures a pleasing body and smooth finish; on the mouth, it is sweet and slightly persistent with a balanced and integrated acidity. In glass, the effect continues alive, creating a blazing effect whose visual impact will dazzle you.

The most amazing sparkling drink you have ever seen. Impossible to stop looking at; this is why they succeed wherever they go.

Magic and chic to any occasion!

Wine Pairing

Created to be enjoyed with appetizers, as a perfect pairing for all kinds of meals and ideal to be served with desserts, sweets and chocolates. And at a party it will give the fun and bright touch.


6-8 ºC