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Red wine

Cooking wine

Many times wine represents another ingredient in the cooking receipts we prepare. This is why a good choice will show the difference and bring interesting flavors to the meal.

Oven receipts, sauces, stews, roasts or desserts… Cooking combinations could be endless, even if some wine pairings are better than others.

Our wine is prepared with different aromatic spices and sault, which will undoubtedly enhance your experience in the kitchen.

You should have in mind that wine must be considered another spice within the cooking process. This is why you must follow the quantities stated at the receipt and also that the meal will better integrate its flavors and aromas depending on the time both ingredients are together.

Our wines are the best option to cook, providing an exquisite flavor!

Once opened, keep it maximum for one month in the refrigerator.

Exclusive use as food condiment.