We have two cutting-edge bottling lines producing more than 30 million bottles per year, with a high production capacity 40 millions. One of these lines, capable of producing 10.000 bottles per hour, It is dedicated to 750ml bottle, our flagship product. The other line, more than 4.000 bottles per hour, complements our production with other types of premium bottles: magnums, conical, heavy bottles, 1 liter, 0,75 l, 0,50 l and 0.360 l, etc. All this allows us a supply system "just in time", having no product in stock and packing orders receipt.
Our capacity is 150.000 daily bottles, in a totally new facilities 2011, with air-conditioned system packaging and quality system compliance BRC / IFS.
We have the latest packaging technology and treatment for our wines, pasteurization, microfiltración, etc...