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Punto básico en el desarrollo de nuestra empresa y de nuestros vinos

Castilla-La Mancha region is a fortunate, It has a proper ground, a beneficial climate and rich diversity of grape varieties, with a great tradition in viticulture and winemaking. This ensures optimal growth of our vines, which causes the growth of our industry and quality of life in our region.

The vine variety, by the climate and soil, determine the quality of the fruit and have a direct impact on taste, color and aroma of wine later.

Wine quality is a complex issue, because the judge involved, in theory, only our taste, smell, sight and touch. And we say in theory because so do other important aspects such as the strength of the brand or image that takes the presentation.

Wines and wineries achieves the highest quality wine making meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. We want every bottle is consumed and enjoyment, that is the measure of our success and responsibility.

To achieve this commitment to quality, we spare no efforts. So we control the most of the procedures involved in the preparation, breeding and marketing of our wines.

We are always improving our products thanks to our cutting-edge laboratories quality control. The implementation of ISO 9001, as well as critical points HACCP controls, They allow us to verify product traceability, ensuring goods from arrival to departure. We also have certifications BRC, IFS, SGF and Halal among others.

We spare no getting the most demanding certifications Quality and Food Safety Efforts.

In our cellar of tradition with cutting-edge technologies to create wines of great taste and quality that allow us to strengthen our leadership in a highly competitive sector.